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In 1980, using her business acumen, years of corporate experience, and unflagging energy, Susan Dresner pioneered the field of wardrobe management. In creating Ways & Means, she concentrated comprehensive & coordinated services to help advance the career professional through “dress” (the non-verbal message communicated by the way you appear). Almost immediately she gained national recognition in The New York Times and her appearance on "Good Morning America" (see Media Says, for other features,) and is well-known for originating: “You never have a second chance to make a good first impression”, “Dress for the position you want, not the one you’re in.” and “Quality is the hallmark of taste and professionalism”.

Dresner believes quality is a consequence of good classic design, the maker’s integrity, fine fabric/detailing, and superior craftsmanship while she disfavors trendy fashion, cheap goods, and cookie-cutter production. When scouting distinctive clothes, she balances the tricky line between good price and excellence, and knows expensive brand names and stores do not necessarily promise quality. As a painter, Susan appreciates the importance of color and texture. Shopping should be an enriching, fun experience and your dress, an extension of your unique personality, your vision of self.

Susan is the author of two books, Managing Your Business Image: A Practical Guide To Personal Style (which can be purchased on this site, see Contact) and Shopping On The Inside Track, plus numerous articles.

Prior to starting Ways & Means, she held management positions in Fortune 500 companies, developed and operated the Four Seasons School of Cooking for Restaurant Associates, and was an educator (teaching various grade levels.) She earned a Masters degree in training/development from Bank Street College, Advanced Certificate in Marketing from Stern School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts, both from New York University.


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