Clients Say
"Being a busy high fashion designer, I just need to find active and fun weekend clothes that look smart and effortless. Susan zoomed in on my own style and body, so I always look together. She knows the best of the best in New York, where to get anything for the best value. Don’t know what I’d do without her."
Deborah Johnson, New York City designer
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"At the time my professional life took a giant step, it quickly became apparent that my wardrobe needed a drastic overhaul. Susan helped bring color, style and versatility to my closet so that I was appropriately outfitted for all occasions. We've been working together for 21 years. "
Eileen Hall, Broadcasting Executive
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When I moved from Ohio to New York to take a high level administrative position, it was overwhelming. I was too busy to shop and too confused by the variety of stores to find what I liked or needed. Besides, why come to New York if you want to look like everyone else who shops in malls?

Then I discovered Susan Dresner. For 15 years, I have shopped twice a year, found uniquely beautiful clothes that fit properly, look good and coordinate with past purchases. Best of all are the compliments I get from my colleagues (many of them men who want to know how they can get their wives to shop like me).
K. Brewer, Medical School Department Chair
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I’ve been a client of Ways & Means for almost 25 years. During this time I have been through various dress sizes (both up and down) as well as a number of different jobs and industry changes. Susan Dresner has always been very effective in making my wardrobe appropriate but also distinctive. I always get compliments on my clothes, and they are always flattering without being too costly. Susan is a pleasure to work with and I can whole-heartedly recommend Ways & Means.
Suzanne Dyer, Business Owner
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Ways and Means has restored FUN to clothes shopping. How? With Susan's guidance, I am successful at finding unique pieces tailored to both my body and my life style. The process is efficient and pleasant. Susan coordinates with my existing wardrobe and ensures that orders arrive on time and as ordered. Perhaps the nicest aspect is to hear from my husband of 35 years: “You really look nice in the clothes that lady gets for you.”
B.Ford, Principal, International Accounting Firm
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I have been working with Susan Dresner since 1998. I love having her advice in selecting styles and colors because she has such a good sense of what works for my figure and my coloring. I especially love having clothes that I don't see coming and going—(I think a lot of my selections are mine alone). Her accessories are also fabulous; I get so many compliments on the jewelry I buy at Susan's shows. It's important to know that these are clothes that last. They're not trendy or poorly made. They are pieces I love to wear, and that I will be wearing for years to come.
Terry C., Marketing Manager, non-profit organization
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Ways & Means has meant clothing confidence for me in the past 18 years, coupled with the luxury of having clothes “custom” fit to my figure and personality. Susan Dresner takes you shopping and makes sure you get the color, style, fit and price point you desire. Ways & Means has spoiled me for regular shopping.

When I got my promotion, I decided to be brave and make an appointment with Ways & Means. After initially working with Susan, my only regret is that I didn’t call her sooner. What a pleasure (and necessity) to have my very own wardrobe advocate! Now I get nothing but compliments (even the President of the Network had suddenly noticed me).
Marian Caracciolo, Advertising Sales Executive
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No matter what the situation ... an important presentation, going on the road, or a big wedding ... I always feel there's the right thing in my closet. What a relief and pleasure not to be scurrying around the last minute anymore. Now I feel great in whatever I'm wearing.
Jo Ann Robotti, Marketing Consultant
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Dress-down casual is the big challenge. How do I look absolutely right for a client meeting, comfortable at the office, and hot for a club later on? Ways & Means has found me the clothes. I do believe in miracles!
Kathy Lewis, Design and Communications business owner
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