Media Says

Ways & Means has garnered national recognition from the media since its inception in 1980. Its groundbreaking work has been featured in over seventy prominent publications, from the American Management Review to the Wall Street Journal. Susan Dresner has also published numerous articles on the subjects of image, switching careers, shopping strategies as well as shopping retail across America, and critical analysis of the retail scene.

Susan has made important appearances on radio, television, and cable, amongst the most memorable: “Oprah Winfrey”, “Good Morning America”, and “The Today Show”.

Sampling of Ways & Means print coverage (click on title to read the article):

Style Conscious (BusinessTraveller Asia)      - pdf format

Secrets Of The Black-Belt Shoppers (Money)      - pdf. format

Personal Shoppers, Join The Support Network (Working Woman)      - pdf. format

Smart Fashion (Family Circle)      - pdf. format

For Executive Women, Personal Shoppers (The New York Times)

Opening Up A Clothes Subject (New York Daily News)

Executive Makeovers (Signature)

Super Shoppers (The Robb Report)